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Ready Recipe is an iOS app designed to help people collect, organize and share photo recipes, an idea conceived out of an unmet need. I led all aspects from ideation, design and marketing.


Your inner circle of friends and family know your food preferences well. In today's world, there is no streamlined way to organize and share your favourite recipes.

  • Some people bookmark food blogs, but sourcing a recipe worth trying is a time consuming task
  • Some people save images of recipes on Pinterest, but let's face it's hard to trust recipes that look so damn pretty
  • Some people save recipe links in email, but it's not so easy to track it down amongst 1000's of emails
  • Some people google for recipes, but it's difficult to trust reviews from people who don't know your likes and dislikes
  • Some people take photos of recipes from a recipe book, but it's easy for screenshots to get lost in camera roll

What are photo recipes?

Images of recipes taken via your mobile camera. The idea was formed on the hypothesis that people take photos of recipes of print and digital mediums, using their mobile phone and don't have an easy way to organize and share them.


To gauge demand, I developed a survey using Typeform and shared it with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email, to determine whether the idea had potential.

The survey results (80 participants) were overwhelming positive. 90% of respondents said they could used an app like Ready Recipe.


I teamed up with two friends to bring the idea to life.


  • User can upload one or multiple images direct from native camera
  • User can upload one or multiple images from camera roll


  • User can Tag image to easily categorize recipe type
  • User can view previously added photo recipes
  • User can edit previously added photo recipes
  • User can remove previously added photo recipes


  • User can share photo recipe with Facebook friends
  • User can invite a friend to Ready Recipe
  • User can view recipes uploading by friends
  • Invited user can view a shared recipe without signing in


  • User is notified via push when a friend uploads a new receipe


  • User can sign in/up using Facebook oAuthentication

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