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Chesapeake Surgical - Site Design & Development

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Chesapeake Surgical is a multi-specialty surgical practice with more than 70 years of experience in hip, knee and shoulder surgical equipment. I was contracted to redesign and develop a fresh, new website.


The CS team wanted to ensure the website was easy to maintain, modern, informative, secure and mobile friendly.

The website was designed with three personas in mind; Chesapeake sales representatives, patients and surgeons.

Customer interviews with key personas identified the following jobs to be done.

Sales reps


  • Reduce the effort required to find and share surgical material
  • Minimize the likelihood of sharing outdated surgical material
  • Minimize the time required to submit surgical equipment order forms
  • Reduce the effort required to learn about events and training

It was critical that sensitive surgical information was secure behind a firewall and all webpages were mobile optimized as reps are constantly on the go.

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  • Increase the reliability of information regarding surgery
  • Minimize the time it takes to find information regarding surgery

Information is readily available on the internet, however credible or not. Chesapeake wanted to ensure their patients had access to an accurate source of material regarding surgery to peruse in the comfort of their own home.



  • Minimize the time it takes to find accurate information about surgical equipment
  • Minimize the time it takes to place an order for surgical equipment
  • Reduce the effort to learn about new surgical equipment
  • Reduce the effort to learn about upcoming equipment training


From conception to launch, the website took 2 months to deliver.

The Chesapeake team were extremely pleased with their new website, receiving countless positive emails from the Chesapeake team, endorsement from the CEO and continued business and advocacy that generated new opportunities.

Site visits have 10x since the launch, with ~1k DAU's.

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